Passion Star MP3s

These are for all of the people who have been emailing me recently asking where they can find Passion Star CDs and stuff. Don’t spend your money, download these.

If you want the sleeve art you will have to email me and ask me nicely to scan them and put them here.

All of these are encoded with variable bit rate, maximum quality, resulting files of around 250-260 kbps. Some players don’t like variable bit rate. If you have any problems, drop me an email.

To Be the One (1996)

To Be the One

No Home

Vicious Current (Acoustic)

Lashing Out

Lashing Out

Out For You

When You Smile

To Be the One (1997)

To Be the One (1997)


Lucky Star (Acoustic)


Blow My Mind

Little Bit of Soul

Fame and Fortune

True Grit




As demos, the quality of the following is variable. Many of these were recorded live in a rehearsal room.

Cathy’s Clown


I’ve Won

Love Her / I Can Make It

Take a Look

Lucky Star

The above tracks are all copyrighted and published by either Winchester Music or Sanctuary Music. As a performer on these recordings, I have a special arrangement to make these tracks available in MP3 format for no financial gain by the copyright owners and publishers.